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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flying high, away from sight

When you're Gone - Avril Lavigne

It was 5am, the typical time for sahur with my family. Usually, the television would play either the movie channels or Al-Hijrah/Astro Oasis. Still with my sleepy eyes, I saw blurred images of what look like a burned vehicle. I sat down to eat, and heard my mother repeatedly saying "Ya Allah kesiannya". I continue to eat, thinking it was nothing, as I slept quite early the night before, hence why I was very much clueless, till I responded to the commotion from my family, only to know that MH17 crashed in Ukraine. 

It took me half an hour to digest that information. I thought it was a joke, I kept watching the news but in my head thinking "no way lah. No way". Unfortunately, it is. I looked through the social media to know that everything is true. I waited anxiously to know the passengers and crews list, as I have my relatives and friends part of the Malaysia Airlines crew. Alhamdullilah, none of them are in the list. Still, it doesn't make me feel better at all, as I know someone out there have lost their loved ones. 

No words can comfort, no words can bring the ones affected at ease. For all I know, I just want to hug them and give them support anyway I can. It was a loss to them, and definitely a loss to all of us Malaysians. The tragedy of MH370 is still recent, our wounds are still fresh, however, who are we to change fate, MH17 followed suit. Too much loss at a short time, at one time in a year. Malaysians were strike hard again. This tragedy has brought Malaysians together, holding hands and lending shoulders to one another. We lost our Malaysian brothers and sisters in the tragedy. Our heart ache and cry on this loss. 

To me 298 numbers of passengers where just vague numbers, however, this morning, the moment I saw an article of the interactive seat map from Wall Street Journal, I was speechless. It was too painful to go through each seats inside the plane, to know such numbers, to know such people loss to an act of an irresponsible party. Due to violence and war, these innocent souls were taken away from their loved ones. 

To this very day, the moment I saw images of the crash site and photos of the passengers aired on television, I can't help but to shed tears at this loss. Too much pain and grief that the families have to go through at one time. justice must be served, and when the culprit is found, they must be responsible for this cruel act of taking away these lives. The lives of people who look forward to a time with their loved ones, the lives of people who wants to come home for Eid Celebration, these lives are the ones that bring love and laughter to their family, now gone from sight. They are in a better place, they fly higher now. We feel your grief and pain. Together we will put our thoughts and prayers for this victims. 

My heartfelt condolences to the families of the passenger on board MH17 and MH370. You will always be remembered. 

P/s: Let us not forget, our Muslim brothers and sisters fighting for their lives in Gaza. 400 or more of them who became the victim to an inhumane Zionists that kills merciless. May God protect them and lets find way to help the Gazans anyway we can. 


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