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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

White Horse

Today I feel a pain in the heart.
Sort of an ache. I refuse to feel the pain. But then I feel my eyes started to gather lil teardrops.
My mind is pushing the ache away, but my heart is sending out a signal to every part of me telling me it is hurting.
It's nothing really. The reason behind to why I feel so today. To be honest, it is a small thing.
But somehow, I feel like the starting point of yesterday, hit the point where all the aches before this was hidden.
Suddenly, it starts back the wound that I keep to myself. I don't know whether I should stop feeling so, and just heal it back, by myself, on my own like I always do.
Just let it be and acknowledge it for a while. Let the pain feel for itself and let it remind me that sometimes, I can't afford to heal it on my own. That it is okay to feel so.

Sometimes you can forgive. But to forget is the hardest.
How can you forget when you feel the pain?
I feel such pain and I end up staring long down the road, thinking if I should just put the pain away, or gather up the courage and just heal it on my own. Like I always do.
Sometimes its funny how much love can make you go through lengths.
How love can let you hurt and yet you still go on with it, it hurts but you keep loving.
To be honest, love is never a rainbow and sprinkles.
But this love brings you to your feet and tell you, that someway somehow, it's just bumps and you will make it through. Not alone. Not alone. But right there with the one that holds you strongly next to him.

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