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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bad in distance

I was never this "manja" neither was I a distance freak. But I turned one the moment I am with him. Suprisingly, he stays and love me still. He amazed me in so many ways, when I thought I was suppose to guide him through this relationship thingy, since as quoted "you are way more experienced than me" by him.

I am so bad with distance. I guess there is a reason why, I am here staying close to him. God knows am that bad with distance. He is The Most Merciful. He knows best. Right now, I miss that boy.
And my emotions go haywire at this moment.

I am suprised on how love can turn us to be so human. When love turns you into a human, thats when you know you are confident being yourself. Only God knows how hard it is that both of us are going through our days till the time comes. People can judge, but we are the one passing through each day, holding one another through it all. May God bless us and to all others out there, it will be hard now, but stay strong, as one day it will be worth it.

P/s: our fights will be ours. Others need not to understand, as long as we and Him know how it is

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