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Monday, March 3, 2014

Words speak

Sometimes, I think that what ever I say here is fake. 
Some seems a bit too ridiculous to be real. But then I remember. I know I will look and read at this posts, and it will remind me how shitty life was but, I am still able to tell people how life teach us lessons. 
As hard as it is learning and accepting new things, that is how life is. Everyday is a learning process. I never lied whenever I typed anything in here. Yes, some may seem like well, bit supercalifragilistialiaspadocious. 

But then again, I want to be told of the positive things in life. Yes, there are negatives in it. But I try to not let the downside pull me deep towards the blackhole. I refuse to. Because I have been there, and I had a really hard time to just stand up.

Now, I choose to see the positivity. I choose to be grateful of every little things. It is impossible. not one bit is easy. I cry a lot. But then I realize I am never alone. 
I choose to be patient and to breathe in everytime it gets hard and always be hopeful. And it helps a lot. I live better as bitter as life gets. I smile better even though my heart feels the pain. But I tell myself again and again, 

"God is fair. Your life, if it is full of candy, it will be too sweet. Too sweet that you feel it is too much to live, that nothing is real anymore. So the sour in life, the bitter parts help to balance it. So you'll savour the sweet part more. God is fair. Be patient"

Yeah fine. The dialogue seems a bit long. But I do tell myself that. I came to one point that when people inflict negativity to me, I just accept and turn it into positive vibe to help me through with it. Mind you, it won't take a day for this thing to be acceptable in life. You just need to accept it and know that this will work.
Why do you think hope is such a famous word to use when you're down? Because it exists. Hope does exists, and faith. 

Either you want it in your life or not. 

So life is bad. There is no reason to end it. Just turn and make it better. If you don't, then who will?

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