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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Once upon memories

Once upon a dream - Lana Del Ray

I love to believe when I walk with the sands at my feet. I love to believe your smiles are next to me.
I love to believe everytime I do something, you will be there to tell me it is wrong, it is something you'll laugh at or something you'll smile at. I walk every pace with you next to me. Even as it is, I never walked any pace faster nor slower, but my pace remains the same with you next to me.
But then my vision of reality scars me, the moment I open my eyes. I lost your smiles, your laughter, your whining, your lectures, your presence in reality. I turn around only to see myself, alone, dreaming of memories I wish that could be my friend for all eternity.
But here I am alive.
Here I am with my eyes open.
I want my dreams to be reality.
I want reality to create more memories.
I want to be with you for all that I can remember. 

p/s: tore me to pieces. rip me apart. I'll stay here with this pieces till you see me again.

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