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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Never a machine

Have you ever feel so broken, to the point that even tears cannot describe how broken you are?
Even pain can't make you to cry, and words can't even describe properly how the tortured feeling is?
All that is left for you to feel is just..pain and empty.
Pain is when the heart is ripping every moment, even when you don't ask for it. The open wound keeps on hurting and knives keep on forcing through.
Empty because you are too broken to even know the difference of being happy and being sad. You smile for the sake of facial movements and to satisfy people.
Tears doesn't exists anymore, because you got used to the pain that even tears can't help to soothe you.
For a second you feel like the world is shunning you away.
Truth is, your heart is starting to shun it's way, from pain.

But the miracle thing about love is. Love makes you to go past through the pain, to believe that it will bring you up and bring you closer.
Love and pain. How can love feel the pain? How can pain exists in love?

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