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Monday, February 10, 2014

Need you now

Tiada duka yang abadi - Opick

Sometimes things don't go your way. For one second, do not fall down. Do not give up.
Don't let this become the reason you should stop. Stand up. Close your eyes. He is with you. Take a deep breath, He is listening, He is watching over you. 

I learn that sometimes things don't go your way. Things don't go as planned. and that you are a human being.
What if you lost the one you love along the way? It does not mean you should give up. No. It does not mean I should give up too.
If only you know how much I love you. If only you know how much I am standing strong for you.
But I can't show you now. So I let Him do it for me, and let time help you. You are pretty much John Watson. Angry with the fact that I have made you angry. Angry with the fact I hurt you. But one day, even after months, we will be back smiling. 
I pray you will see it one day. Like Mary Watson I will wait. I still have dreams with you and I want to make it through. 

So I will let you breathe and see when you can. I will always be here, waiting like I always do. 

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