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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Live, breathe and smile.

Living breathing and smiling. 
Seems easy but truth is, nothing is easy. 
Living requires you to go through life everyday. There will be ups and down. Roller coaster emotions. 
Breathing. Not everyday we breathe easy. At one point of life, breathing becomes so hard, that we can feel that we are holding ourselves together to just take a breath. Sometimes, we breathe too fast, that we forget to breathe all, one at a time. 
Smiling. The very essence of life. Truth be told, smiling is what all of us need. But then again, life doesn't promise us smiles everyday. Smiling only requires a few muscles. But then again, no one wants to smile when they don't want to, because that will be the hardest thing to do. Like forcing ourselves to hold a weight at our face.

These three are the thing that we keep in mind everyday. But we end up forgetting it, and when we fall, we asked thousands of time, why is it so hard to live, breathe and smile. We keep it at the back of our head, that only when we managed to breathe in slowly, we remember, life is never easy. It is just the matter of how we live it. Do you know what drives us to live? Love.

The essence of life. The spirit of life. Everyone of us falls in love and falls out of love. But this very essence, either helps us to stand tall or take us away on our feet and fall straight to the ground. Nevertheless, each one of us loves, for a reason. God, family, loved ones and friends. This will drives us to live and breathe and smile every single day. Love the power that tells us, life will be worth it, breathing will be as clear as taking in the fresh air of the day and smiling will be endless. Live everyday, tell ourselves that we love ourselves and then loving others. But never forget to hold The great love to The One that brings us to this world with His permission. The root of love comes from The One that never stopped loving us even though we turned away many times. When I am typing this, suddenly life seems easy. Suddenly life make sense. Love is the very essence of living, breathing and smiling.

I stand today, writing this to tell people out there, who is searching everyday for a will to drive through every challenges that they face. The moment you feel like everything seems hard, and you are at the verge of giving up. Don't. Believe that every hardship will have the happy ending.
I stand today telling you, that if you believe that you can go far. You'll be surprise of how He takes very good care of you. You only have to believe and keep loving. Because like you, I fall so often, but I tell myself, there will be good in every bad, and I never lost hope. And clearly, I am smiling at the end of the day, right now, hoping that each one of you finds the will to believe and live stronger. I know I found mine, and not letting go and keep loving will always drives me to live better.

So, begin to love Him, The One that loves endlessly and giving us this permission to love others. Then, take the next step to love ourselves before others. You'll be surprise how love can take you far, far in life. Easy to breathe and smiling without a doubt while standing strong on the ground with the ones you love.

p/s: Love. Goes a long way. 

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