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Friday, December 6, 2013

How was your study years?

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So technically, I am left with exactly two weeks of classes. Despite the assignments, events, presentations and everything. I am being very sentimental in every step I make towards ending my semester, no wait, ending my undergraduate years. Funny to say, I actually look forward for this in the past years. But I never imagined it to be, sort of, this fast. Truth be told, I am not ready for the end of it. I am not ready for January. 
I know I will be walking each step, next week feeling very sentimental. 

For some, they might wonder why I am being so over the top of ending my undergraduate years. Some just didn't even bother to feel as sentimental as I do. Well, I do care of the moment I end my years here. Here is where I learn that friends are the ones that share laughter, happiness, sadness and just about everything. Here is where 

I learn to fall and stand back up, NUMEROUS, times, but whenever I stand back up, am always okay.

I learn to search and understand myself better than ever, and looking at myself now, I am happy to know am a-okay

I learn that you can never be the person that everyone love, but that doesn't have to bring you down, as long as you believe that there is good in everything you do and that just seeing the smiles in everyone faces is enough to put you through the day

I learn that no matter how you think you suck in everything you do, you can just find any crazy way to just pick that up and tell yourself, heck this is piece of cake. No matter what crazy way you can think of.

and most importantly,

I came here not knowing what I really wanna be, what I can really find, 
and today, am happy and grateful to know, where I am now is where my past self will be proud of. I didn't get all those over the top achievements, but I gain a sense of self. I know myself better, I understand myself better and I found Him (read : God) along the way. When I found Him, everything else always, always falls into place. 

I am one lucky human being, for being where I am now. I know I am lucky to be here, it's not about my campus being the islamic campus or what not, but its rather me appreciating every moment of life that I went through, because each and every moment or level of life, taught me so many things. Hence, why I am emotional ending my semester. I found myself in these level of life, I treasure every step I made here and it made me who I am today. God knows, what is gonna happen next, but at least, when people ask me,

How was your study years?

I know my answer will be a smile and endless thankful and grateful thoughts for going through that memorable part of life. So for this end, I carry on with the memories I created here. I will definitely miss every single thing in this campus, in the past four years, no matter how sucky, how hurtful, how bad it was. In the end, you will always remember the smiles and happiness. Who in the world takes a picture of a bad moment? It will always be for the good moment. And that picture is what I will keep with me :)

p/s: We are young. And go brighter than the sun. 

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