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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frozen with Magic!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? - OST Disney Frozen

The heat of the winter season, it is Disney's Animated Movie, Frozen! 
I fall in love with this movie that I just have to give a review on this. Heard from a numerous amount of people that it is very good. When I asked how good is, or at least what is good about that movie, most of em said, "It is really good!" or "Best best!"
So here is my idea of what is so good about this movie. 
Yes, I promise not to spill out spoilers for this movie. 

I'll list out in points so it wont be a long essay review, and I keep track of what am listing. 

So what is so good about this movie? 
  • I praise (endlessly) on the graphic that Disney used for this movie. BEAUTIFUL! I kept going "WOAH" and felt like I was a kid again, amazed by every single detail of how magical it is. They made the details so pretty especially the scene of 'Let It Go' sang by Princess Elsa. The ice sculpture, so pretty! AH all I can say, its pretty, pretty, pretty all the details I can see it! Magical fits the description. I tell you, the animation team did not just sit at their chairs and draw, they went very far and very detail and particular on the graphic. I read that they even went to Norway and Canada to make everything alive. Kid you not. Go google. 

  • The musical score, Oh-My-Gosh. Amazing to my ears! Tremendous score. I love it love it! There's a pinch of traditional folk sort of music and instruments used (of what I googled and as I remembered, wiki said Norway folk songs?) and mixed of Disney's classics era and modern spin. Long have I heard such nice and lovely score since the old days of Disney's glorious classics day, which come from either Disney's Princess Movies or Lion King. The Lopez couple, Robert and Kristen Anderson, alongside Christope Beck did a wonderful job in creating the melodious songs. Bravo!

  • I have to warn you, it is full of musical. Yes, most of the part, they sing a lot. To those who got used to Disney's cartoon, (the ones produced in the present time) being not musical, this one is, well full of it. But don't worry! They have nice musical scenes which in the end, I keep on repeating again and again numerous times (countless on repeats I must say!) on my playlist.

  • The plot : 
    • Well the story is based on Hans Christan Andersen's 'The Snow Queen'. But I say, don't expect it to be as gruesome as Andersen's (well it's Disney, what do you expect?) I love the fact that the creative writers manage to do such justice to the movie storyline (Read: movie storyline, like really the movie) and it's no typical Disney Princess as we see. There's a reality reflecting to it, through the valuable lessons that the writers manage to insert it into the movie. (Hint: I will still try not to spoil it. I told you I wont, I wont. I WON'T!) Okay no. Hahahah (okay this is weird) 
    • Anyway, I like the fact that nobody falls in love with a stranger at first sight (Like the previous Princesses) and that love that saves the day, is not true love first's kiss, but the real definition of love. I love the fact they made it close to reality. (see told you I wont spoil it, in a way I didn't)

  • The fact that there are no BIG celebrity names that are voicing the characters, so the story really focus on the characters. Seriously Kristen Bell didn't ring a bell to me when I saw the credits. But you will start to be very curious who voiced these characters. They are splendid voice overs to the characters, and they brought them all to life. 

  • Forget about spotting Rapunzel and Flynn, because I got so caught up with Anna, I didn't realize it. (unless you have a friend who watched the movie, then he/she can spoil it to you and both of you will end up being all excited and amazed, just the two of you, really, while the others staring at you guys weirdly)

  • I just love Olaf and Sven. Yes, the innocence trait in these characters really made the story more fun and enjoyable. 

  • Because the producer is John Lasseter, people, it is LASSETER. (okay fine, you guys don't know him, here who he is) The Director of Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and The Producers (and executive Producer) to movie such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and now Frozen. Why Lasseter again? Because he is damn good in his job, and he knows. He just knows, that is why he now the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. He is a LEGEND in animation. are you kidding me? (yes now you know the fun fact on Lasseter. the icon of mine on animation, okay enough)

Okay am done with the review. it could or can be endless! But I think these are solid reasons why you wont waste your money and tickets on this movie. For a big fan of Disney's movie (especially Disney's classics), this brings justice to all my years of waiting, and Frozen really waken my five year old self. This is the best movie for this year coming from Disney. I have high expectation on the cartoons produced by Disney, this time, this one really reach my expectations. Again, I am highlighting the fact, this is my type of cartoon. So you bitter people stop pointing the imperfections on this movie. I JUST LOVE IT!

Okay. Now go buy your tickets. 
Just buy it for gosh sakes. 
I will indulge in the soundtracks for now, missing the movie.
Ratings? A solid 8/10.
For other ratings, you guys can search for Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. They gave high ratings too!

p/s: Everyone has a bit of Anna and Elsa in their life. And I know I have em too.

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