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Monday, October 28, 2013

Denial Moments

To be honest, I refuse to blog here. 
I am still very much in my denial state. I have less than 7 weeks left here. Semenjak belajar dekat sini, tak penah la hai aku mintak sem ini ada masa lagi. This semester is going by TOO FAST.

On the other hand, I am suffering myself with, ehem :

1) World Literature : 
3 Novels to be read in the next 3 weeks. YEAP novels. Followed by 5 pages assignment and 1 major presentation on *gulp* Rokeya's THREE HUNDRED, as in this number, 300 pages. Thank God it is a pair work. Masih pair pon 150 pages sorang.

2) Written Communication for Organization 
One research proposal which we receive at the eleventh hour, at a short duration of time. Mind you, we have to be VERY SPECIFIC on this particular research. I feel my head ripping apart from my body. OH GOODNESS. We only have less than 4 weeks to be over and done with this. AH SURPRISE. This subject's exam will be decentralized, meaning, aku akan menghadap final exam subject dulu sebelum yang lain *pengsan la ni jugak*

3) Muslims and Media Society
One research on Malay's Drama and the influence on audience something2. I forgot the full title. I have no issues with this as I am having fun w my awesome groupmates and it is a challenging yet fun topic

4) Malaysian and Singaporean Literature
I will be presenting on Shirley Lim (YEAY) no sarcasm really. i love her work. And on Karim Raslan. Pair work. But all this to be done within 4 weeks. AH THE LOVE FOR LITERATURE

all and all. I am to be done with 3 of these subjects deadline in FOUR weeks. erti kata masa dah tak menyebelahi aku. Guess lah apa yang aku excited sangat ni?

The fact that i am ENJOYING. seriously la aku tengah enjoy nak buat assignment ni walaupun otak ni da depress sangat sampai aku duk tengok The Blacklist more than am doing my work. 
This is called a withdrawal symptom,wait, pre-withdrawal symptom. Why?


too much memories :( but life must go on. So literally despite all the work, most of my batchmates are more worried of ending our semester than the assignments. Rasanye sebab suma da terbiasa dapat kerja selonggok. Mind you, seguni at the last minute, so kitaorg da tak heran. *FUYOO, berlagak tak sudah. Berzikir jap*

So yeah. Aint funny huh. But before I end this, I have no regret saying this but, I will always love these moment that I am a proud student of UIAM. Not once have I regret stepping my foot here. Terlalu banyak benda this uni has taught me. I will cry on my last day of examination. But for now, the journey needs to begin. HA motip sangat da week ke brapa baru nak begin. kbai. I need to finish that novels. Lemme immerse in these withdrawal feeling balik okay. 


Datang woi datang!
iklan jap. bai!

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