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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Final One

5 days till semester starts. 
Yeap. Bermaksud, hari Isnin adalah tarikh keramat (keramat cm besau sangat tanda metafora dia), mulanya final semester for my undergraduate years. Seriously, am having mixed feelings.

1) Happy
Because tamat sudah la perjalanan 4 tahun (yes, aku tak amik medicine ye tapi EMPAT tahun harungi degree years). Mainly it's because I only have foundations (no diploma) and I am minoring in Communication. So the duration of study memang cukup-cukup empat tahun. With all the you-must-take-got-no-choice-but-to-take elective subjects if not, tak grad la kan cita dia. 

2) Sad
Because, it means, no more student life. Do you know how sad I am? No sleeping late. No lepak session tengah buat assignment. Takde maknenye nak tido dalam kelas lagi dah. No more deadlines. No more hanging out by the riverside kat HS. Oh God Student life is the best. I know this cause I taste a sip of working life. Which am very thankful I have a chance to go through student life, one more time. 

3) Scared
Because, I saw how working life is. I am not sure where I will be. (Yet I know what I wanna be). I wish I can be that lucky person who got lucky twice, cause seriously my internship environment, was so nice. But I am not sure if you can be lucky twice. Tu rezeki Tuhan bagi, kalau bagi lagi, syukur yang amat. 

4) Confused
Because, I don't know exactly, whether I am working next year, or will I be continuing for postgraduate studies. I am still very much.. 50-50 on that. 

Yeap pretty much that scary feelings. Wait bukan. Mix feelings. Tak macam abc la cita dia sebab abc rasanya manis dan sedap. mix ni rasa dia cm banyak negative je. Okay. Sumpah. 
Lawak yang lame dan paling tak sedap dibaca.
Tukar topik. 
Whatever it is am anticipating to start the semester. Banyak benda nak buat. Banyak memori nak cipta balik. Banyak benda nak dilakukan. Am gonna make it worth it and memorable insya Allah. 

Faces to anticipate : Will be seeing these crazy people
So. Let's start it!
Wait. Sementara ni. Nak berehat jap. Merasa time takde assignment. Buat lek luuuuuuuuuh.

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