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Sunday, August 18, 2013

That 'Lucky'

3 years ago. I learned, within that 3 years. Love gives so many patience to one, that eventhough it is a one way road. I learned that you can wait that far and that painful when love is at the end of the road. But then, that road put me on halt. So many pains. So many tears just waiting for something I thought it will be. 

At that moment, I lost hope that maybe, love wasn't meant to be.
But at that very time, God is great, He let me know that my wait wasn't for nothing. He lead me to show a person who went beyond my sight. I kept looking at the wrong one, the furthest one, when actually I overlook at this one boy, whom was by my side. He is and still near to me up to this very moment. But previously, I kept searching away, it's not that I ignore him. No, but it was more of, he wasn't the man I thought would want me cause he has everything. I well... am just me.

But that boy came just in time. Just in time where it is right. Where I saw, his patience, double of mine. He stayed with me, through my emotional wreckage. Through my annoying moments. Through my ups and down. Still is, he is my best friend. It's been a year and more since that wreckage of waiting at that one way road. That past has gone. But I met a new path, this one meant for me to wait just like I did. But this time around, it is sure. Only we're waiting for the best time to be where we both want to be. This time around, patience is tested, for so many things, but this time around, I am not alone. 

And so I learned, that 3 years of waiting meant for this wait. But am not the only one waiting. God is always there, watching, hearing and always always just. He knows just when is right, never too late, never too early, it is always that one moment. Both of us could've just start what we start now 5 years ago, within that 5 years we known each other. But God knew better. So we grow apart to know ourselves better, before we meet again, but at that different path. So here we are, waiting for our moment. 
I told him, he will always be my best friend. My support. And here we are, praying for our very best, doing our very best. To stay strong. Insya Allah. It doesn't get easier. But I always believe, when it does, we'll be the happiest. 

Thank you for always being there when I fall. Thank you for always reminding me God is with me. Your presence is my gift from Him. :)

p/s: That Lucky song we have. Always.

Mercun dum dam

Assalamualaikum and hello people!

Pretty much blurred now. And no, blurred lines songs have no connections to this post. Okay, lawak hambar. So this is like the 10th? or the 11th syawal. Syawal this year is pretty normal. But I guess, it's true what they said, as you grow older, you sort of feel the vibe lost with your age. Things starts to become dull, and seriously, rindu zaman yang I was so excited with every house trips and just receiving duit raya. Plus, at this age, banyak of the older generations either have return to meet Him. Or ada yang dah tak berdaya or not as fit as a fiddle as they were. I once recalled memories with a friend of mine, how much we missed that excitement we once had, that moment where we just as excited to receive duit raya, eat kuih raya, pakai baju baru and all so cute and pretty, lari satu rumah with our cousins. Now, pretty much few salams, take pictures, then anti-social moments by updating at the social medias, then makan, then either sleep or watch tv.

Oh God. Bosan -_-
Less the excitement.
But all and all. that is what we called life lah kan? Apa mau buat.
This year, I don't enjoy raya as much, cause by the 5th Syawal, I was up and on track at work. Praktikal lagi kan? So I was beraya-ing at the office. But it was good. Plus the raya mood has taken all of the people in my department, so there was raya songs, then they started to decorate the office. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the fact that they are so excited and to see them excited, I feel theirs too. Duit raya? Ya I still got it, since am still studying, but the feel is not the same. Instead I feel guilty dapat duit raya instead of giving it at this age. Oh God, sumpah rasa da tua. To be honest, am actually anticipating to get married, of that time nak raya with husband lah. Lepas tu, raya with new baby. Eh wah eh wah. Fast forward sangat kan? No. it's freakin the truth. Just because I am 23. I am not young. WHY LA. no I am not. So it's pretty legit to think about that.

Yeah itu je la pun. What I always try to do everyday for this syawal? Embrace it while I still can. Oh well. dah. Pagi2 bangun terus blog. Perangai sangat taw wanita. LOLs. Raya pictures? ehehe. Nothin much but I will leave you with this one favourite picture that we took. Yeap my family went back to Batu Pahat for raya. I think it was still as lovely as it is :) But it was sad, knowing that one after another, our cousins are wed off. Tinggal gitu je la. Ah apa mau buat, hidup ma. Jalan sahaja.

Still. Raya is raya so I will end this with a wish of Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :)
Oh and don't forget puasa 6 for this Syawal. Puasa la tak rugi apa pun. Instead you gain His love more and insya Allah, it will be a blessing filled with every greatness.

Friday, August 16, 2013

So long not good night

It's been a month. I am on hiatus.
Exactly a month?
So here's to a new post. Okay. Seriously hard to maintain a post every day. Jangan cakap everyday. Every week pon susah la hai. So what shall I blog now?

Pretty much about...
I have no clue. I just feel like clicking. So I will.
It's august. Times flies fast. Yet in the midst of this, sometimes things move slowly and so difficult times comes more often

I wish I can breathe out a long and VERY LONG AND LOUD sigh. But life's not worth that sadness. So. We just accept it and try to move forward. Amma type in a laid back manner now. Right after this post.