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Sunday, July 14, 2013


There will be at that point of life, the world decides to go against you. You fall level by level. First, you feel the hurt. Then you fall to the knees. Followed by falling straight, weakless then worse, hopeless to the ground. There you are, at that battlefield, no one to turn to, no one to reach, no one to hold. All you have is strength, hope and faith. The second passed, your sight is fading, heart is beating, beat, by beat, beat, by beat. You can't die cause death is not written. You are forced to brave through the wounds, pain and suffering.

This moment is when you learn, to force to brave to write, what is unwritten. You learn to crawl, to kneel, to stand. No you don't walk as fast, nor even run. Crippling through the path to recovery. Even time won't heal the pain. You heal yourself. You train yourself. To be heartless, stronger, and vengeful. To avenge not the vengence of hatred. But rather your self's dignity, pride and honour. What's left of you, is what makes you stand tall.

This point, is where you learned to live and move forward to write the unwritten. One sword, one sight. One fight and with The One next to you.
Live and let be, may you heal with honor.