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Monday, May 13, 2013

These True Words of mine

Salam readers :)

May you be in good health and smiling always.

One week left till this semester ends. Time flies very fast. I was ranting how I wish January can pass by fast. Well. What did you know. It's May already. Two more weeks, marks half of the year. I am starting to look back. Looking back of the past 3 years, how I've grown, change, and went through hardships that I fell, stand, walked and now running. I stop at this pace to look back of my undergraduate years. I have one semester left. It hasn't grip me yet. But I know it will be emotional. As much as I rant, cry and temporarily dislike certain point of life here, I know I am smiling now, as it let me be who I am now.

I continue to grow, in many aspects. The people that came, the memories that being shared. I am blessed.
Enough said. 
I love the way life brings everything you thought you can't go on. But here you are, standing strong.
I will continue to write despite the fact that I will be ending my studies soon. but know that, this writings or scribbles is not only meant for me, but for everyone to know, that you are not alone.
Through every hardship, there is always sunshine. Look up. Look only to Him. He is always there. If you have faith in Him and only Him. It goes far :)

Oh. Today? Marks one year :) Of a presence I will always treasure. Another gift from God. May we stay strong till the day comes. I keep praying for our future. Thank you. For Endlessly believing in me. 

So here I say, keep believing. I'm here with you guys, through my words, through my scribbles.

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