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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ini biasalah!

 Salam and hello readers !
Okay. One month of welll, not blogging. Almost one month. 
So today. Here I am posting something. Haven't thought of what to post as I am typing this. But I got the vibe as I am erm..typing all of this. 

How's life?

Well it can be even tasteless. Overall. I am pretty much packed. I only have time to sleep, eat and catch up with work. As I am considered off-campus for this semester. Despite the fact that I still have a room at my hostel. Da macam bilik tumpangan je bilik aku tu, walhal da bayar. Aih. I keep going back and forth from home. To the point when I sleep at my hostel room, I feel a bit awkward. 

Yes, the driving is a bit tired. But am getting used to it. Luckily it's my final year.
YES ! Gua da final year bro. Satu sem je lagi. Insya Allah. Tamat la sudah undergraduate years
Sob sobs. sobob. 
Sebak sebenarnye. I am having mixed feelings with this. But not yet.
Lagi satu sem nak merasakan semuanya. 
Anyway, yes, fellow college mates, that is the reason you guys barely see my face.
I am very much not around. I am only there in the day. But at night, I hide under my cape. ECEH.

4 weeks to be exact. Till this semester ends. 
Then on June. I'll be wearing work clothes to my new internship company :)
YEAP! I am doing internship :)
It's not part of my study plan, but I wish to do it anyway. bummer part. Kene gak buat report -_- 
nyampehs. padahal takde grading pun. But oh well.
I am looking forward to work at my dah-dapat-company.
EXCITING! :D I'll be in the corporate communication department. EEK! 
Semoga Allah membantu saya dalam perjuangan saya. Tiga bulan je. Insya Allah. dapat memperolehi pengalaman untuk persediaan pekerjaan.
I'll reveal the company somewhere in June. Alhamdullilah. Tempat da confirm. Tapi tak syok la reveal skang. hehe.
Lets' pray for the best.

So. This is just updates. Nothing much really. So I bid you goodbye. For now. With a normal p/s: alongside.

 Life is full of things to fulfill, but always remember.
Fulfill your duty to The Creator, Allah SWT, and Insya Allah everything will fall into place. Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Mengetahui :)