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Friday, March 29, 2013

Green. Yellow. Red. Do you see me?

Dari jauh da nampak traffic light bertukar warna hijau. Selalunya jadi driver di Malaysia ni, dari jauh da speeding. Termasuk la aku, kadang-kadang tekan minyak sikit nak kejar masa, few seconds does make a difference. But as I came near, the light turns red. Oh well. Menunggu la. Selalunya, bila aku drive di jalan ni, it's always one lane, barely ada two lanes of car. But today, there is one. A small kancil. Usually, waiting for the light to turn, (especially at this road) it takes ages. I will usually, end up daydreaming or thinking what to do. But today, I turned to look at my right.

A kancil.
A small girl.
and her grandfather.

Happily, the girl is smiling, while the grandfather (while from what I was seeing through the hand gestures) explains to her what the traffic light means. Red means stop. Greens means go. The girls nods again and again happily while repeating what her grandfather did, alongside the hand gestures.

I end up reminiscing my own memory. Dulu, aku lah budak kecil itu. Having the old chap next to me, bringing me around Ampang, for endless driving here and there doing chores and going to kedai. Even my first LRT ride was with him to Masjid Jamek to go to Mydin. But I was very much that girl, in the car, tapi time tu Mercedes yg lama nan besar tu. Well, can say I sinked underneath the big seat since I'm small. But that conversation and image of the two individuals, made me think a long way.

I do miss my grandpa. The man that well, brings laughter half of my life. No. Almost 2/3 of my life. Who taught me, my first bike ride and told me
"Tak apa, takde tricycle pun you can ride the bike. If you fall, bangun. If you hurt yourself, it'll heal, tapi nanti awak pandai. Awak belajar"
Mind you the road back at my grandparent's house is quite..steep. But he encouraged me to try.
So, for that one time. I was grateful the traffic light turns red.
My mind come to think, that walaupun ada red light in life, it's okay to stop and look around. When you see what you have to see, then go when the light is green. You'll be wiser after you start to acknowledge things around you.

If I saw scenes of that matter.
I'll end up crying. Missing. A presence long gone. Today. I smiled. I am grateful, to once have that presence around me. Grateful, that I was that girl once. I've grown to be who I am and insya Allah. Further move forward with a better view. Plus, I'll see him again :) For today, I knew, Allah wanted me to look more, more than just memories. I'm amazed with the fact that all of that thinking, happens within only
3 minutes. or less.
You see, thats why we should stop and think through
We're gifted with aqal and the inspiration and ideas comes from Him

So. In the end, the traffic light turns green.
But before that, the girl turns to a view of a driver, smiling.
She smiled.
I waved and said hello.
She smiled and waved happily and turn to look and telling her grandpa of the person that just say hello.
I made the turn, away from the car. Not only did I say hello, but thank you, for a wonderful image and may the girl be blessed with amazing presence like how I do :)

Subahanallah. Allah always has its ways. It is either we decide to make use of the time and space to think.
Everything has it's reason.

"What did you do when the traffic light is red?"

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