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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Selamanya Indah

Salam readers :)

How are you lovely people? Is everything okay? For me. It is very much holiday mood. My exams? Oh goodness. I'm very happy it ended soon. The horror. I had to face exams while having sickness, such fever and gastric. Turns out, my gastric decides to pop out often than usual. Oh well. But then again, every sickness has it's hidden blessing :) I accept it with open heart and let it be a motivation for me if I ever face such incident again.

Sooo I am not here to talk about my life. I don't know why, but I find it boring. Lol. Well typical life of a girl. Apa lagi nak cakap kan?  Gitu je la hidupnye. I am here blogging about, well let's say life. Mungkin la. ada yang sedar, I don't tweet as much. Crap as much on Facebook or twitter. Reason being, I realized there is nothing much to share. I think I grew up. What I realized, is I come to a more reason I found valid to search for, mencari Dia. Who else non other than Allah :) 

So many things happened, even words cannot describe how I went through it all. But all and all. I am very happy and little by little. Fall in love with Islam all over again. The beauty of everything. Guess what I found most shocking? The fact that whatever that is permitted in Islam, written in the rules, becomes the one thing that people nowadays are freaked out with. It is like benda yang halal dalam Islam, yang baik dalam Islam, dipandang pelik dan as if benda tu kalau nak di amalkan jadik janggal. Sedangkan benda itu benda baik. This discovery, made me feel devastated. Baru la Shaf sedar, what world am I living in. What sort of environment am I facing? Is this the true way of living?

That is where I started to search for the real truth. Alhamdullilah. Little by little. Allah has made the path more easier than I expect it. The best part, Allah showed me a way through a blessing He gave me. Blessing apakah itu? :) I shall keep it my own little secret until the time is ready. Definitely not a baby la kan. Jadahnye, aku kawin pon tak lagi (dalam hati nak cepat la kan. kbai) But through that, I learned what every one kept repeating that simple phrase, that at the age of 22. only entered my head.

'Islam itu indah'

Indeed it is. So I am very very blessed to be where I am now. Very happy. By far, this year, Insya Allah will be scribbled with more new things. So looking forward to more things to scribble. Even I might scribble some short story. :D Let's wait and see.

Oh and to you :) I will keep on praying. For our endless journey.

p/s: to my future endeavors, I will start with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. :)

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