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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Magic is within us

Salam readers.

It's 1st January 2013. As I'm sitting here, typing this post, on a new year, a new date. Watching harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Tak expect langsung nak blog anything today, since I blogged a long new year's wish yesterday. But here I am. All thanks to Harry Potter.

So, apa kaitan? 

Simple. I saw Harry Potter, and I realized, I've watched that movie for the past 10 years of my life as a child through adolescent years and here I am never, ever will I ever get bored watching it for God knows how many times, during my adult years. This year, I am twenty-three. 23 years old. Magadz. Tua kan? well not that old lah. Just that selama ni, I'm thinking maybe. I am still 20s. Yeap. just two zero je la kan dalam minda. Bila tgk Harry Potter's first scene for that movie, it shows back how Harry was reflecting through the Dudley's house. The house he lives in for the past years, having to bid goodbye to it to move on and finish his journey. I realized, the irony, I'm doing very much the same. Well takde la nak say goodbye to my home, but rather to 2012.

Banyak benda yang jadi, from good to bad, from sweet to sour, to bitter. I've tasted all 2012 has given to me. As how scared Harry is to leave his house and finish his journey, he brave through it. So will I. Memang scary sebenarnye growing up. More things to come, more sacrifice, more bravery we have to put up to. For all I know, things have to go on. It's our life, our journey. If we don't start now, who will end it for us? So, I am proud to say, I am an adult living life just how it should be. I watched myself grow, just like how I watch Harry did. Learn to be better each year that comes. Embrace the new year, face it. no matter how scared it might be, for all we know, we will gain something we will never expect. Like always, remember, to remember Him. At all times, even if we fall half way, know that He's there watching over you. So walk on, know that you're strong. Always. Look at the people who God gave, who loves you for who you are. Be blessed that you are smiling now. and create more smiles in the future. :) Insya Allah. You'll be fine.

So as how scared you are, and looking at how I might MIGHT. sound brave here. I am as scared as you, to start this new year. But I have faith in Him always. So I'll stand here. Scribbling things like I always do. And to let all know, that life is hard but hey, you'll find it worth living.

Let's start with the first day. Carry on and move forward :)

p/s: I'll be scribbling here as usual. Keep on reading :) Roger and out.

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