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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello dua kosong satu tiga

Salam and hellooo readers ! :)

Guess what? I'm blogging on New Year ! Duh. Obviously.

So here I welcome 2013 with open arms. May it brings blessings to all of us. Baru sahaja balik dari spent my New Year's Eve with my schoolmate, Farah Norzam. Where did we went to? Simple mamak stall would be nice. Some might say it's lame. Why are you not out celebrating it? Nahhh. da penat la nak redah jam, lautan manusia, and oh my New Year is scary with so many people. I'm scared of people more. Been there done that, celebrate ramai2 in public, officially scares me. So my New Year's Eve is spent at a mamak stall in Ampang (our house area) and we catch up stories of our lives. From that moment, we knew we ended 2012 in a memorable way :) Thank youuuu Farah!

So jadiknye, what is my wish to all of you for 2013? 

Simple je. There is no such thing as bad year or good year. Tiap2 tahun ada yang baik dan buruk berlaku. Don't curse on the year. Every good and bad thing yang datang ada kelebihan masing2. What is important is, the way you face it. So for this 2013, apa kene buat? Take this few steps 

1) Stand up.
2) Smile and
3) Tell yourself it's a whole new year, apa yang akan datang, let it be! You'll face it with a positive mind either good or bad 

Insya Allah everything will be a-okay! Every year that comes, it doesn't determine you that life will be good or bad. Sebenarnya, yang make everything good and bad, is you. So if you want it to be a good year despite whatever comes, be positive! Always tell yourself you can make it through. Well, tengok la anda sekarang, sihat berdiri, and reading this post after 2012 has passed. hihi. So always remember the people you love and remember you are never alone.  Oh and don't forget, there is always room for changes. So look back at the past year, jangan membenamkan diri dengan kesilapan lalu, tapi muhasabah dan cuba jadi yang terbaik! Always :) Insya Allah all can be done. Jadi di sini am done with the long wish. LOL. Please know that me lap you guys for even reading this. I'll see you more this 2013 :D 

So again I say

Selamat Datang 2013!
Semoga tahun ini dihadapi dengan senyuman dan rahmat dari-Nya selalu. 

Happy New Year everyone :)

p/s: Starting a new year with a new perspective but with the same me :)

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