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Friday, December 14, 2012

When hope rises

Tadi, finally tengok Rise of the Guardians. I love cartoons. To be honest, memang favourite nak tengok, tapi tak banyakkan, cita cartoon yang betul-betul macam cartoon movie zaman dulu. My favourite will always be Disney Princess (duh, agak obvious la kan), and of course, Finding Nemo. I cried okay. And today, tgk Rise of the Guardians? Menangis sepanjang movie. Motip? Touching. I got sensitive throughout the movie. Despite the awesome (magadz-awesome-tastic-hot-drooling) voiceover casts. The best part of it, is definitely the message of the movie. Believing and hoping. Never ever stop believing. I felt what Jack Frost felt. No in fact, I still feel it. I understand the feeling. 

I work in a funny way. Well sebenarnye, sangat weird. Cita yang dah sah sah sedih. Mata tak nak menangis. Cita yang takde kaitan nak nangis (contoh: cerita katun ni) menangis tak sudah. Pergi bersama Abang Chelsea. Boleh dia kata kita pelik. But I told him. Mungkin pengalaman kita berbeza. Saya menangis sebab saya punyai perasaan yg similar to Jack Frost. I love to let people believe in hopes and not give up. Because I know the feeling of being down and no one is there to lift you up. That is why, the main reason I blog in the first place is to tell people they are not alone. I wish to tell people, that there is always hope in every darkness. That the good things always there if you believe in it. This case, it will be, Him :) Kalau kita percaya pada Dia, dan sentiasa berpaling pada Dia dan ingat pada Dia, dengan izin-Nya, we will always be grateful with what we have. So, some might not understand why I go all emotional la kan. But some do. So my never ending quest, is to inspire people with my words. So indeed I will :) Yang penting, cerita ini mantop. I love Sandman of all the characters, why? Tak bercakap pun, he still made me smile. He just express through his thoughts and that is enough to make him a strong character.

p/s: So she dreams again. Of her paradise. (tak sudah lagu ni)

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