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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

She dreams of Para-Para

Current song on repeat : Paradise - Coldplay

Salam lovely readers. :)

So I've said. I will blog. So I shall. Tergerak nak blog pasal this song. Yep the song that I've typed above. I'm not a big fan of Coldplay to be honest, but I love their art and music. Every song they have are brilliant, can't deny that. I also love the fact that Chris Martin nyanyi LIVE, awesome shizz. Sounds so amazing, that I know, whoever pays so much for the ticket, it's worth every penny. Anyway, da terlari topik. I'm not here to praise Coldplay. They need no compliments from me, as they are amazing musicians. So I'm here to blog about this song.

I love the fact that despite the title named Paradise, the first thing that came into my mind is, something happy and calm. But the moment I heard the lyrics, funny how a beautiful masterpiece has a tragedy. Tertarik dgn lyrics lagu ni, especially this part, 

When she was just a girl she expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of
Para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise
Every time she closed her eyes

Basically the song goes about a girl that pictures a flawless world, only to find out that actually every piece of reality is flawed and imperfect. So, she finds escapism everytime she closed her eyes, and run to her paradise. Pretty much moved by the song. Through out me growing up, to me, life is pretty and flawless. Surprised me somehow, that even to give love and receive love is that hard. I lived a life where I would love to give love and receive love. I get sensitive over small things related to goodness. Baru semalam, I got all sensitive when I saw a video about people doing good deeds. Bukan la nak taching apa, but it's really nice to see there's still hope of goodness in everyone. Certain people, tak percaya when I told em, I'm the type that I don't run after money, or aiming a rich life or top at my career. Sebenarnye, I just want to live a life, whereby, I live a life of a mother to my joyful kids and a wife to my lovely husband. (Insya Allah) That is all I wanted in life. When I get that, Allah can take me away, as I lived a life of what I call peace here in the Dunia, enough for me to carry forward to the next life. (Insya Allah) But then again, who am I to say bila nak mati kan. Takdir, jodoh, hidup dan mati terletak pada Dia. Wah, cakap macam hebat sangat kan? Truth be told, I'm saying this not to impress anyone, but really this is what I feel. I saw how 'cruel' life can be. So I'm tired of chasing what everyone see with their own eyes, so I am chasing something people forgot to chase in the first place. Chasing what I called the eternal. Chasing peace that Allah has long promise to us.Only if we remember Him too.

Knowing myself, few years back. I wouldn't type all of this. But Alhamdullilah :) Here I am. I'm blessed each and every single day. I'm close and achieving peace through my own ways. I wish to share what I see with others. Tapi jujurnya, memang tak semua akan nampak la kan. But hey, at least, I speak for my part. So, this song means so much to me. 

Sebab dunia ni hidupnya memang penuh dugaan dan cabaran. It's the way we deal with it. Whether we find for His help or not. That stands to strengthen yourself everyday. So my Paradise? :) Stands with Him. And I hope to be better everyday. Insya Allah. Masih belajar lagi pun. So, pelan pelan la kita jalan ye dak? 

I think i better end this. It's long. Hahah. I'll think of more to post. I'm a bit rusty. But thank you people! 
May Allah bless all of you, no matter what shit you are going through, every single thing has a silver lining. Believe me. :)

Have a splendid 12/12/12.

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