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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Papers come and go ke?

So. Mother just reminds me of exams. *yang hampir hampir ku lupa*

I have six papers to sit for.
Let's see.

i) Arabic Level 6 - 29th December (Saturday)
ii) Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya - 30th December (Sunday) *alohai. Sunday -_- ticked off*
iii) Semantics - 5th January (Saturday)
iv) Journalism & English Academic Writing - 6th January (Sunday)
v) Discourse Analysis - 10th January (Thursday)

Well that's goodbye to my two weekends. But hey. It's okay i guess. One must not whine. Well... pasti boleh! Insya Allah :D

Come to think of it I'm entering my final year ! TIME PASS BY SO FAST. must make use of it while am still young. Gitew. soooo Let's prepare exam! But for now. let's rest :p

p.s: Last minute la ni en cita dia?

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