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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life in a funny way

There are moments in life, when you're used to have a certain things being absent, but when it's present. You hold on to it more than you should. Always remember, never ever. Hold on to it more than you should. Appreciate it yes. Embrace it yes. But never be obsessed with it. It takes everything in you to be back normal when you depend so much onto it. When you lose it. It kills everything in you. I am walking in a pace where I should've walk even before the new existence of someone. But I walked a pace even steps further than I should. I was running. Then suddenly, I fall. It hurts more than it should. So here. I am standing and walking. This time, even with the pain. I walk. But I smiled cause I saw how sometimes, life works in the funniest way ever imagined.

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