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Thursday, November 22, 2012

To mars and beyond

To my old friend,
I'm not sure if you're still reading this. I stopped writing ever since because I need to move steps away. But like every other things, I turned back to the things I scribble just to know where I stand now. Sometimes, I look back just to reminisce. I have the feeling that sometimes you do come by and read the scribbles I made. So here I am, scribbling this, I miss a presence of my old friend. The one that I can share what about my studies and around. I have long accepted the fact, we can't be more, but here I am telling you. I miss the presence of a friend. I pray for your happiness wherever you are. I pray that you do well. I'll be there to celebrate you success soon. 

Till here.
p/s: it's been this long. it's been this quiet. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everyday, this is for us

Here is to the people who think happy ending exists
Here is to the people who think life can always be better
Here is to the people who think dreams can come true
Here is to the people who cry when they are asleep
Here is to the people who smile when they are in pain
Here is to the people who suffer to gain joy
Here is a simple wish to people who try to live life

I say

We live. Just keep on living.
It's there. Just keep on believing.

Life in a funny way

There are moments in life, when you're used to have a certain things being absent, but when it's present. You hold on to it more than you should. Always remember, never ever. Hold on to it more than you should. Appreciate it yes. Embrace it yes. But never be obsessed with it. It takes everything in you to be back normal when you depend so much onto it. When you lose it. It kills everything in you. I am walking in a pace where I should've walk even before the new existence of someone. But I walked a pace even steps further than I should. I was running. Then suddenly, I fall. It hurts more than it should. So here. I am standing and walking. This time, even with the pain. I walk. But I smiled cause I saw how sometimes, life works in the funniest way ever imagined.