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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today is the day I refuse to tell myself that I fall.
I fall hard.
Like the rain. My tears came flooding down. I tried to find every reason to feel sane. But everything shuts me down. I turned to words. The words that can comfort me. The words of mind that spill everything for me.
I was walking. Walking at a pace where every step of the way, I am smiling. Every step I take. I feel blessed. But yesterday, a moment came. You were running. I was left behind. You ran and I decided to ran with you. You told me you were with me. So I did. I ran. But as I ran with you. Your pace is faster. I followed through, but I fall somewhere in between. I hurt myself. I hurt and I fell.
That was yesterday.
It was yesterday.
But when I fell. I hurt myself.
The wound is still there.
Hurting me.
Like the rain.
I cry.

p/s: The song He Won't Go by Adele came to play. I hate that song more than anything right now.

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