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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello reflection

When it comes to writing, well, for people to read your writings or post. 
You need to be well known, or your story needs an attraction that let people glued to your writing.
That's what most people say.
Me? I write for one reason. I like to share what I know or discovered with a hope that it can change someone's life or perception.When I meant change, referring to for example, from a pessimist to an optimist. I don't see myself as an optimist. Never did. But I like to believe that in every cloud, there is a silver lining, present in unexpected ways.

I don't have a perfect post. Bombastic words. But whatever that I can share. I hope some will nod and say 'Hey, I am not alone'. Well, to sum it up. I like to inspire people. In the same time, I like to advice people. Not to say I am THAT good. But in advising people, I advise myself.So today, I went to class, the usual routine. Till my last class for today, my lecturer decided to advise me regarding life. Then he pointed out about facebook. He told me this.

'Whatever you post on facebook, or anywhere be it any social networking, think twice before you post it. You never know who is reading it and it reflects who you really are'

He didn't say exactly every words, but yeah that's what he said. Made me think instantly, I judge people for posting whatever they post. Then I realized. I am also letting people judge me. I can't blame them, for judging me. I let them see a 'glimpse' of my life. We're humans, we all judge. Either intentionally or unintentionally. So, I should be the one to blame in the first place. Well..These things that we all post about, it's what happening around us. It made me question myself, 

'Why did I want people to know again about this?'

'Why did I share this part of my life with them? For what reason?'

It's okay to share certain infos, or advice, but the unrelated infos. What's up with that? What do I actually want people to know? That I have perfect life? That I am jolly and all merry with whatever I have and do? It made me think instantly how I reflect myself. To a point, I am telling myself, that I am posting 'nonsense' Sad thing, that's what the society around us are doing. Don't look far. Simple.
Wanna know if I'm telling the truth? Do this. 

Click your news feed and within minutes, you'll see what individual A is eating. What individual B feels. And I bet you. That at least. AT LEAST. One of your facebook friends is ranting about how ridiculous his/her day is or that he/she is venting out their anger w a certain matter. Pendek cerita, he/she thinks, the facebook status is a public diary. 

Agree? If not, then lucky you lah. No drama to read. I have cerekarama at my news feed. Twitter? I don't think I need to say more. Even I tweet my own cerekarama. So why go far? I myself reflect what I think of other people. But oh well, at least I am reminded by it now rather than never. I hope I remember whatever I said. and they say, better practice what you preach. Won't be that easy, but Insya Allah. I'll remember it. Slow steps take you further. Like I've mentioned before. I am not perfect myself, but this is what I wish to share. 

Yes. Saya tahu. Panjang jela la kan saya post? It's too long that I might lose some readers already. but at least. Some of you read up till here. I am satisfied enough. I've said what I have to say. I am happy that I get to share this. So before I go, feel free to post anything, you can either agree to disagree to what I say. But at least, don't blame others when they start to judge. Because when you start to look in the mirror, the first person you'll judge....is you.

p/s: Micheal Jackson sang 'Man in the Mirror' So there is a truth to it, isn't it?

Monday, September 10, 2012

So what's the fuss?

Life won't be smooth all the way. But at least smile for whatever you have cause what you have now.
Is the best there is. And knowing you are still smiling? Make things worth while