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Sunday, August 5, 2012

There's lost and found

I have no idea why. It's been a rough journey since the beginning of Ramadhan.
I am not complaining.
But for all the things that came. It came in one go. I was almost suffocating, finding it was hard to breathe.
But alhamdullilah. I managed to breathe. For now. I believed everything happens for a reason.
Especially after I choose a path that I thought I was scared to go through.
But behind this, I learn to discover myself, believe in Him, and trust in people I thought never exists.
Then here I am.
I went through shits the past few months. but I survived.
I am not gonna stop praying for a better one.
But all and all. Despite it's like this. I am now fulfilled.
It's a hard step these past few days. especially after I lost my laptop to a car theft.
Yep. All the hard work gone.
But it made me think and reflect who I was and why I care so much of what's inside the laptop.
It made me see who I really was.
Surprised me in many ways how that incident gave me a reflection of myself, rather than me mourning over the loss of my works and laptop.
Now. I am very much calm and I feel better. Well. Indeed God has a way to reach you. Even if it means
losing something.
I lost my laptop yes. But for all thats worth. I need to let go of my past. I got too caught up in it. That I forgot. How much I turned away from things I myself believe in.
Things have change now. I have better life. I need to appreciate it.
God brings me a man, whom I thought never existed.
Alhamdullilah. He surprised me in many ways I never knew. He knew me better than myself.
for all it's worth. I am his to keep.
And pray that he will be the one for me. Insya Allah.

and for the thieves. Well.. I am mad lah. But then again, ada la sebab en. But I'll still say. May you rot in Hell. But then again. I pray God knows just what to do with you.

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