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Friday, July 27, 2012

There's a place

Have you ever felt down and all you felt like doing just break down and cry?
I've been there
Unpleasant. It's like nothing can ever turn your frown into smiles
Your eyes can never stop crying.
You know you reached your break point.
I was scared to reach this, that I avoid every bits of reaching here.
But I knew, one day, I'll reach it. Without me realizing it.
Despite the happiness that exists around me.
There is one point that effect me that much and made me fall back down
Because of the old pain that hurts. The pain that remind me how badly everything was.
For a while. I thought I was scarred for life.
But I froze to silence with my thoughts.
For in that moment, I gain my strength back and look up to Him.
In hopes to be stronger.
Then it flashes in my mind. The people around me. I was never alone knowing that He gave me the people I love. The people that supported me.

Whenever this happens to you. Never feel down. Don't let yourself go down deeper than this.
Know that it is always okay to fall.
Remember Him. The people around you. and be with yourself. Love yourself.
Sometimes the pain we went through, the scars that we keep. Are the ones that made us who we are now.

So this is for the people who strives to be stronger each day but can still bring smiles to the world.
This is for all the people that live life only once, but living it stronger and better every day.

p/s: It's harder as we grow, but never stop believing and never stop in your tracks. 

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