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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There is you, too, more and most :)

There was a story.
There was a boy and a girl. They were best of friends.
She ran to him for all the things she was unsure of. He stayed. He stayed being the friend he is.
She stayed the same, but at a different view than of what he thinks.
For all she knows, the moment she met him, she felt that feeling. That feeling that maybe.
Maybe could be reality. But being her, she pushed it away. Knowing that impossible can never happen. 
She lived being friends with him. In the same time, pushing every feeling she had in her way. 
Then one day. She saw something she knew was impossible. 
But then they say, impossible is nothing. 
Then for all they know. 
The boy and the girl kept a secret to themselves.
They've been keeping each other a secret.
They've been looking from a far of each other's view. That long. 
They kept thinking, being with each other is impossible. 
But today. 
They see each other closer than before. No more secrets
They are best of friends. Yes. 
They are buddies. Yes
They are pain in each other necks. Yes
They are jokers and a nuisance to each other. Yes
They are Monica and Chandler. Well Maybe.
But right now
They, are actually, me and you :)

For all the things we went through, as friends, as buddies, as crush. For that 5 years we've known each other as friends. Well. this is to our beginning as someone special. Hello there you :) This is to us so may we complete each other's life in the future. And be the ending of our search and the beginning of a new life. Insya Allah. Thank you for being this far. Thank you for putting endless smiles. Everyday. 

p/s: To the Chelsea boy. My Le Chelsea boy. To us :) To you, too, more and most.

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