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Sunday, June 10, 2012


I was surprised today.
I was speechless. To know that we are not following each other.
I get the part not following. Then I realized.
What was the reason this happened again? Did I hurt you?
I expect you, of all people. With your age. To be mature. If there is something you don't like. Confront me.
Tell me. Express it. Not running away.
I always look up to you. For the reasons that I respect what you did. How you do things. I always see you as a mentor. As a friend. Maybe. In the past. I saw you even more than that.
But then again somethings do change.
Nevertheless. You i still see as a mentor and still as a friend.
But I guess you stopped seeing me as a friend.
Now tell me. What did I did wrong until you put me out in that way ?
I'm hurt. To know if this is the way you do things
I'm hurt. To know that we stop seeing things the same way.
But what made me more hurt. That you just simply block me out.
I expect You, of all people. To be the mature one. With your experience. With your age.
But clearly, you prove me wrong.
I will not say much anymore.
We're adults to be chopping each other's words with nonsense.
Whatever that I say to you is real. Whatever that I say to you is true.
It was never just to make it look good. But it was sincere.
I hope you are okay. Wherever you go.  I wish you all the best. Always.

p/s: I left w no words but disappointment

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