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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Empty pedestal

She sat and ponder,
To the pedestal,
Exists within a mansion,
A mansion so big, yet so empty.
She wonders,
of the pedestal,
The reason, the remembrance,
she can't recall, she said.
She can't remember, she said.
As she looks deeper, to the carving at the pedestal,
'Look high, but never deeper'
The pedestal standing tall.
But the reason remains empty.
for all she knows, it was there before, present and future.
It's not to be touch. Not to be yearn. Not to be mourn at.
She saw a tragedy within the pedestal.
Built either by force.
or by act of respect.
But never for love
But never for remembrance.
Poor pedestal she said.
Poor empty pedestal she said
So she sat and puzzled
of this empty pedestal,
Laid here,
Within a mansion. So big, yet so empty.
She walks away.
walks away.
with the need to embrace,
but leaving the scene with no act of remembrance.

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