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Sunday, May 20, 2012

of his imperfections

November 2010
Guys are foolish to let the good ones go away and instead go for what they want
They want the perfect one. But the perfect one does not fit in with them.
How can you see a perfect person for its perfection? 

Then I guess you have nothing to hate about her.
So that both of you can fight.
You have nothing to take on her.
So that you can tease her and that when she is upset you'll say sorry 
You have nothing on her that others don't see
so that only you will feel special because you love her for that special thing she have

Isn't that plain boredom if you find the perfection in a girl?
Well boo hoo to guys like that
Guys like that should learn how to fall in love the proper way

May 2012
I posted this almost 2 years ago. I found a person with his imperfections. 
He's not the perfect one. But hey. With every little imperfections he has.

He's imperfect to the point that :

I have every bits about him that I dislike and get easily irritate with 
So that we both disagree and have our own small fights  
I can point out here and there of his imperfection
So that I can tease him and when he's upset I say sorry and make him smile
I have that imperfections on him that I see
so that I know he's special cause I love him as he is for all the things he's imperfect for.

It makes everything else with him looks just nice :) Perfect never exists in our life. Almost perfect? Well that might exists. Gradually, day by day. I'm falling for him. Here I am. Might not saying a thing to him. But I know he knows :)

p/s: You're still that boy I feel like giving a tight slap on your face and the one that always give me high blood pressure without fail. Every time :p


you know who said...

that is nice of you :)

Shutterkid said...

and i think i know who. sneeky boy :)