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Saturday, April 21, 2012

By far here I am

Felt like yesterday that I just started my semester. In February. Now it's April.
Funny how I was smiling at the start and now I'm all mixed up. I went through so many things within that 3 months. I was smiling for every single thing in February. Stumbled down in March. Standing up in April. Now I'm here. Then comes May after this. I am dreading May. I want it to come to know what more awaits. But I am scared that I may fall again. I don't want that. But then, who does? Life is about walking, falling, standing and walking back again the same journey. That's life. It teaches you with every fall you went through, you can stand and that you learn better. Turning 22 at the first part of the week, was hard. Very hard. It didn't went on how I thought it would be. 

Then despite me falling. I see some happiness through me standing back up. The happy faces that was around me, that help me create smiles alongside of me. These people deserve my attention more than the one that didn't bother. Then I realize, it's enough that I let things leave in the open. Now I have them. I found no reason to mourn over one that care less. So I'm standing tall. With them. I know life has more to come. For whatever reasons, my friends are the awesome people in my life. It wasn't easy at first, but at least am smiling now.

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