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Thursday, March 22, 2012

That obvious fact

I am not giving up on love. I don't. People keep loving something everyday. If it is not the partner, it is family, if it is not that, friends. If it is not then it's your teddy bear, or pet cat or hamster. That is love. I just decided to let go of the obvious. My friend said this, and am quoting.

" I don't need to advice the person of what he/she should do. It's the obvious fact. I will point it once, when he/she starts reasoning with his/her emotions. I'll shut up. It's their choice to take"

Points taken. Signal received. So lets start on a road filled with journey. I loveee being able to discover and learning things :) Made me feel like I wanna know myself even more. And despite the falls here and there. I am standing. Now that is inspiring.

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