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Saturday, March 24, 2012

'of fireworks and dancing flames'

Mother asked me :
"How is he? Any updates?"

I ignored then she asked again. I later replied
"Ibu, I have no time for that. It's stupid. Don't ask about him dah. I don't want people who don't want me"

and I let truth spilled through my mouth. Clearly. She started to portray a worried look. She cares, she knows somewhere I'm broken. I quickly replied
"Don't worry. I'm still young. He's not for me. There's still time. I choose not to wait. It's me not him"

She was still not satisfied with my answer. Well. I can't tell the truth I'm broken and the reality that he shattered every pieces in me. But I'm holding on. He's not for me. I accepted that fact. But mother just can't know the fact that I'm on the way to heal myself. I can manage. She knows. and I know my someone is on his way. Not him anymore. Someone new. For now, I'm not breaking. Nothing will break my soul

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