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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

of the heart in sight

She sat and stare
by the sea of peace and air,
she sat to wonder,
of the times she conquer,
the heart the mind and the soul,
it was under control
she said,
it was under control
she said.

She close her eyes,
of all the cries,
of all goodbyes,
she felt the fight,
that was to her sight,
a dream not to be repeated,
she prayed
and prayed,
save her heart
and forever be unhurt.

She stares,
finding the answer for her heart,
that restless heart,
she was strong
for so long,
till now
she vows,
she's strong,
but it didn't last for long.

She grasp the sand
in her hand,
but like the sand
she falls,
she falls,
She has a fight,
not with others in sight,
that fight,
with her heart, her mind, her soul,
that she thought she had under control
she said,
that it was under control,
so she said.

p/s: "tak semua kau rancang akan berlaku"

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