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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just breathe

It's the third day of the holiday.
I sorta feel lost. 
To be honest. I love having the exam pressure around, its as if you strive to live for something and race with time to achieve success and sort of challenging yourself.
Clearly my young blood still have the 'youth' anticipation and enthusiasm. So I don't know how to sit still doing practically nothing. Bored me to death (metaphorically speaking)

So have you found out what is your muse? 
I haven't figured mine. Ironically, since I'm the one who asked the question.
My muse would be the environment around me. 
Too vague isn't it?
Well but it's true. 
I look around me seeing what people do, how people live their lives, how people view things. Inspires me. Amazed me. To be honest, that is God showing me signs of his wonderful creation, of how life, people and environment works. The blessings he gave. Giving me my family, my friends, my life. That is how I see living life to the fullest.

Seeing things and appreciating things to the fullest. These blessings should be appreciated. Not taken for granted. We kept on complaining of the small little things. Well its legit for us to complain. We are human. But when we have the chance to breathe for a while. We look around and be blessed of every little thing. Thats how we will accept things better the next time and be more wiser. 

I'm turning 22 this year. I see most of my friends are ranting being old, some even at the midst of the 20s, still deny they are at that age and want to be younger. There is nothing wrong being a year older or whatsoever. As we get older, we appreciate life better. Like how I mentioned before, we see things around and start to appreciate it more and better. Why that is blessing one must truly indulge on. Well, that is my perspective, every one has their own views. Like I told my friend.
"Not everyone can fit into our shoe. Our sizes differs among one another. Some can wear our size and bear with the uncomfortable feeling. Some can't even wear it for a while, and choose to ignore and walk away. But this is not how we judge them. Maybe we, ourselves can't wear their shoes"
So take a chance to appreciate life better. I hope somehow, what I say might let you to see the views around you differently. Till we meet again. Au revoir.
The world is to be appreciated. Faith is to be held on strong and life is to be indulged. Funny thing. Found this from here, right after I typed the title.

p/s: open your eyes. feel the wind. breathe.

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