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Thursday, January 5, 2012

12 years and counting

I just realized.
in 12 days. I'll say goodbye to my oldest friend who is flying to Scotland to continue her studies. :(
Its quite hard and suddenly I feel so sad.
She's awesome and sporty. We have the same interest and she always know how to have a fun time :)

But hey, it may be hard, but I know she'll have fun in Scotland.
Babeeeeeee. I will miss ya.
I hate counting down dates, I wish I can see u more often before you leave but darn this papers.
Thanks for being a great friend & darn it. When you get back, We shall do that backpack trip to Hong Kong! :D Next stop Disneyland Hong Kong ;)

This is how we define fun ;)
p/s: memories are awesome especially when it involves special people around :)

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