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Saturday, December 24, 2011

at times

I tried to think at times.
the good times
the happy times.
but really.
who am i to kid my own self
it sucks
it turns bitter
taste bitter
views are bitter.
before i turn any bitter.
i look at others who have sweetness in them.
to find the sweet in them that i can share
the least thing that can make me sane
while waiting for mine.
i carve my own smiles.
for now.
One day he'll carve mine :)

Stars bright

I tried. but I kept looking at the stars wishing for something.
But I kept thinking soonafter.
What actually does my heart wants?
Tiredly. I kept wishing.

God loves me.
That He's saving the best for me.

Set this

I've been so freaking busy.
see even I have no clue. Darn it.
I have this feeling to change to tumblr.
be my main blog. but I'm still thinking

Honestly. I lost inspiration to blog. Let's rediscover it during holidays

Happy Exams people!
yes happy.
Try la at least

p.s: I set fire to the rain.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Missing pieces

" This song is so freaking sweet! Don't you think so Fiq?",
while looking at Fiq who's drinking his Caramel Machiato. He looked at the laptop which has Katy Perry's ' The one that got away' video clip playing on Youtube.

"Heh. Perangai je kasar. Tapi dalam hati ada taman",
replied Fiq to me. I feel like slapping his face. Loyar buruk pula.  

"At least hati ni, ada lah jugak taman. Dari kau? Ice cold like Iceland. Even penguins are not ice cold as you! at least they're huggable", 
Its true! He wants to be cool all the time. Tak nak jiwang langsung.

We're hanging out, after hours of researching on our final year project. Yes. We're procrastinators. But that's the way we work. Ever since first semester, we've been friends, tu pun sebab member kenalkan. We're from the same course but never bothered to get to know each other sebab ingatkan dia ni bajet hot sangat. Turns out we're awesome as best buds. Now, we're like partners in crime. Mostly assignments mesti sama sebab as we said 'crazy smarty pants think alike' Yep. Thats us. Tapi banyak cakap kitaorg ni sesuai bersama. I kept denying that many times. Kelakar tahu. Sebab. He's not my taste. okay fine. He is good looking. Several girls asyik datang kat dia. I'm the sporty type and a bit boyish. I sorta like him. But. Really. Get the picture. How ever can a guy like him, like a girl like me? not in a million years. Even if orang cakap we have chemistry. I can continue to dream on.

"Wei. Penat seh. Why are we procrastinators again?",
 complained Fiq.

"Excuse me? I was asking you to do this since the beginning of semester. Tak pasal-pasal aku skali kene. Haih. Chill lah dude. Next week dah we're done. FINALLY. Graduates wei! Don't you want that?",
I smiled to him.

"Yeah... I sorta want that. But..",
He looked at me. But the way he looks, is a little bit different. Macam muka risau. As if he's not okay with the fact that we're ending degree soon.

"But? panjang pulak butt kau tu. I thought you're the one who can't wait for this to end",
I replied still looking at his reaction. 

"Yeah. I know. Just that.. takde la lepak cmni. semua sibuk kerja je. Takde overnight siapkan keje. No more procrastinating",
answered Fiq. Smiling to me while replying.

"Haa kau rindu aku kannnn? ELEH. cakap je la. Shooo schweeeeet. alolololo",
I smiled and laughed at his statement. 

"Eh. Tampar karang. Mengedik plak",
I continued laughing, till I saw his impossible bottle. He love to collect that stuff with that small ships inside. It's his hobby to collect it. I took it from his bag. 

"Weh. Bought a new one ah? I thought  da ada banyak. Brapa banyak lagi kau nak?",
I asked while taking a good look at the new bottle. It has a beautiful small ship inside. I've always wanted one. Asked him many times, I want it. Tapi asyik dia buat bodoh je. 

"Yeah. Banyak dah. Saje je. Rasa cm nak bagi someone but I have unfinished business with that bottle. once I'm done with the puzzles. I'll let her have it",
Dia senyum lain macam punya senyum. I smirked looking at him like that. 

"Uuuu. Someone likes someone. Who's the girl? Haaaa kau dah tak nak kongsi an!",
 He laughed and I just ignored that and put the bottle back where I found it. 

"Hey, mana video tu Farah? Nak tengok la. Cause I wanna see Katy Perry. Thats the best one. Mesti hot an?",
I slapped him at his arm then buat muka kat dia sebab asal Katy Perry je. Hot. Cis. 

So we spend the whole night telling stories and reminiscing our memories throughout the college years, and the last time as partners in crime.