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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Standing tall

You come and go.
When you feel like it.
After days of thinking. I was wasting time to even think about you.
Why care of the ones who see you as an option?
Never do that. Never put priority to people who see you as a choice.
I thank God for making me feel stronger than ever.
With time, faith, love from friends and family, I realized I'm stronger.
I am now standing strong to tell a tale to others. How they shouldn't feel down.
How you shouldn't feel sad or depressed when you lost love.
I survived when someone broke things in pieces and never bother to pick it up.
Think again. Even take a 2nd look at it.
Now I did that all by myself but that doesn't mean I am weak.
Great love comes with you when you're down
These things happen for a reason
I choose to think that he came just to tell me that I can still love some one :)
God wants to show me that my fear of losing the feeling of loved and to be loved will never go away.
And He is right.
That guy may not be the one. But right now.
All I know when the right one comes along. I am here knowing things will happen when the right time comes
Sad that he didn't get to see what I see. But when the real one comes, he will be a very lucky guy.
For now.
I am enjoying this peace and serenity.
To you,
I didn't die :)
I survived.
I am a charmed one :)
This heart is not breaking.
May we find peace in every corner of hope.
To every single person out there, loss never means death. But a new hope is born.
Smile out of the day. Because
a heart that strives hard and strong are heart of the charmed ones :)

p/s: You didnt bring me down :) and never will.

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