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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Morning lovelies !
I have this weird but yet healthy/good routine. Sleep before 2 (since I have to revise/homework/etc)
Wake up at 8ish (my classes everyday is at 10 :3)
I end up being so fresh in the morning!
It's pretty obvious it's my first time doing this kinda routine.
but that is not the point. I want to dedicate 10 mins to blogging. See what I have to say since I lost inspirations to tweet. Why not talk longer here? :D
Besides it's my blog.

Well... I have nothing to say for now.
For those who are anticipating my 'cerita pendek' well keep your anticipation with you ;)
Insya Allah it will be up here soon. Depends on my free time lol.
I hope everyone of you are a-okay!
Thats pretty much that.
I'm still fresh no new things to be said. So see you later !

p/s: the day kept on being lovely and lovely

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