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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Being you. Well, the usual you is you always try to make me smile. When you know you're the one who glued the smile to my face. That is when you start distance your steps slowly. It's like you are scared of happiness.
You want yours but never want to share it with others. Even if sharing means with someone you really do care.

Your fickle heart kept on changing.
Well cause of your fickle heart.
I changed my heart's direction.
To a road where in the end.
There is no you along the way.
If you want to walk with me.
Better start turning back and find me
Cause I lost the hope to walk with you if you let your fickle heart take place
Funny how you said you know life better when you don't look like you're moving on steps in life

p/s: I'm hurt along the road to you.

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