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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Denying. Keeping. Hiding. Secluding.
All of these words can be related, cause it really means the same thing.
You're hiding yourself.
Secluding from your true feelings.
Keeping things in a right manner.
When the real thing is, you're denying how things are really going on.

It's tiring. Smiling when actually your heart cries like how the weather is everyday.
Even nature can feel you.
But you denying it everyday.
The rain cries for you.
and you end up walking through it as if you're strong when honestly
you're human and you need help.
After you passed through it. You stop to think.
Things are hard.
Very hard when it's tearing your heart to pieces.
But you keep on assuring yourself.
You can.
It's really hard. 
Healing and hurting at the same time.
You heal but then the next day it hurts.
You don't get tired doing that.
Well you do.
but you don't have any choice but you have to heal and hurt every single day.
So in the end. You smile and cry. 
Telling yourself
For now. 
it's inconsolable 

p/s: finding smiles is never easy. 

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