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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This far

Tolong sampaikan padanya.
Dia yang melukakan hati ini. Dia yang memberi harapan.
Dia yang buat aku berfikir ada peluang di dalam hatinya.
Aku mencuba. Sudah. Aku cuba segalanya.
Sampaikan aku ingin berkata
Tapi hati ini masih
kenapa begitu?
Ah. merintih kat sini pun apa gunanya
Bukannya dia baca
Bukannya dia tahu
Aku menanti di sini bagaikan menanti harapan kosong
Cukuplah hati
Dia bukannya tahu
Dia tidak pernah berada di sama tempat dengan kamu pun.
Tak penat ke wahai hati?

p/s: I saw you that far today. I kept looking at you several times. Hoping hoping. Did you felt my broken heart?

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Denying. Keeping. Hiding. Secluding.
All of these words can be related, cause it really means the same thing.
You're hiding yourself.
Secluding from your true feelings.
Keeping things in a right manner.
When the real thing is, you're denying how things are really going on.

It's tiring. Smiling when actually your heart cries like how the weather is everyday.
Even nature can feel you.
But you denying it everyday.
The rain cries for you.
and you end up walking through it as if you're strong when honestly
you're human and you need help.
After you passed through it. You stop to think.
Things are hard.
Very hard when it's tearing your heart to pieces.
But you keep on assuring yourself.
You can.
It's really hard. 
Healing and hurting at the same time.
You heal but then the next day it hurts.
You don't get tired doing that.
Well you do.
but you don't have any choice but you have to heal and hurt every single day.
So in the end. You smile and cry. 
Telling yourself
For now. 
it's inconsolable 

p/s: finding smiles is never easy. 

Friday, September 23, 2011


I hate the fact that I believed in something I know it's unreal.
I hate the fact that I can fall for you.
Heart is too fickle when it comes to you.
Frigistic. I'm hope you're happy that these tears kept on coming cause of you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Half of my heart

It's always a sunny morning.
But later it turns out to be a gloomy day?
I can't seem to find a reason to stay smiling.
if its like this

Blue and white
With all my might
Lemme tell you my fright
I'm scared to frown in sight
Rather let me smile for the day, alright?

p/s: half of my heart got a right mind tells me that I cant keep loving you

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Being you. Well, the usual you is you always try to make me smile. When you know you're the one who glued the smile to my face. That is when you start distance your steps slowly. It's like you are scared of happiness.
You want yours but never want to share it with others. Even if sharing means with someone you really do care.

Your fickle heart kept on changing.
Well cause of your fickle heart.
I changed my heart's direction.
To a road where in the end.
There is no you along the way.
If you want to walk with me.
Better start turning back and find me
Cause I lost the hope to walk with you if you let your fickle heart take place
Funny how you said you know life better when you don't look like you're moving on steps in life

p/s: I'm hurt along the road to you.


Morning lovelies !
I have this weird but yet healthy/good routine. Sleep before 2 (since I have to revise/homework/etc)
Wake up at 8ish (my classes everyday is at 10 :3)
I end up being so fresh in the morning!
It's pretty obvious it's my first time doing this kinda routine.
but that is not the point. I want to dedicate 10 mins to blogging. See what I have to say since I lost inspirations to tweet. Why not talk longer here? :D
Besides it's my blog.

Well... I have nothing to say for now.
For those who are anticipating my 'cerita pendek' well keep your anticipation with you ;)
Insya Allah it will be up here soon. Depends on my free time lol.
I hope everyone of you are a-okay!
Thats pretty much that.
I'm still fresh no new things to be said. So see you later !

p/s: the day kept on being lovely and lovely

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am happy like this :)
So so happy that I get to smile not because of you.
Feeling is fading away. I don't want to but I guess
the heart got tired of nothing?
If its there it will be there. If it's not who am I to force it to stay
Maybe if you're not.
You're just a lesson to me that I can still love someone more. And I'm patient enough :)
Love is strong.
God is fair :)
Fate is willing.

p/s: I'm smiling for 1001 reasons. I'm happy now cause it's not depending on you anymore :)

Friday, September 16, 2011


They said I should not give up. But if they know when did I start fall for you. They'll be surprise. I tried to tell you in 1001 ways without telling you up front. I don't know whether am failing or I'm winning. You refuse to show me anything. For now. I'm giving up. Letting you go just so that I can learn to smile better without you doing it. I'm happy I don't feel a thing. But it's sad that I'm losing it. Letting go means you fading away. I can see the shaded figure. No longer seeing your smile.

p.s: don't come to me when you know I'm giving up on you

Monday, September 12, 2011

Skip with me ?

My heart skipped a beat when I see you.
Segak sentiasa.
Haih. Mana tak hati ni cair selalu.
No matter how many times
I thought 'I'm gonna get over you confirm!'
End up when I read our conversations.
My heart still skip a beat. Two beats. More than a beat.
Thats when I go
Here we go again.

p.s: Your smile is to die for. Handsome sgt. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This love

Grab your family and say
'Hey I Love You!'
Grab your friend and say
'Hey I Love You!'
Grab your loved one and say
'Hey I Love You!'
Grab yourself tight and say
'Hey I Love You even more!'

All the love in the world.
Never put it aside on such fate
Don't destroy love with such hate
Keep it close to the heart.
and tell everyone else the same
that love is here to heal
Love is here to prevail.

p/s: Love is what makes the world go round and round

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diet lah nie

I neeeeeeed inspirations. I wonder where all that went to. Rawr. I'm currently on a "strict" diet. okay. on the way to being a strict diet. But yes a diet. Lets hope it works :) My target will be 2 kg loss in 2 weeks? :3 Seems impossile but I'm gonna make that possible muahaha..

Back to Gombak in 2 days! EEK finally!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wishful night

You hurt me without even saying a word.
When I think of you too much then I start to realize you are not even mine. 
But funny how you can make me smile whenever I think about you.
It hurts badly tonight to know you give me hopes without doing anything special
But I know whenever I want to forget you
You will come later on holding me tight asking me to stay.
I'm amazed at how you can make me feel close to you 
funny thing is you didn't even do a thing. 
This thing is like wishful thinking
the wishful thinking of seeing you in the future when I know that wish might end up making me hurt in the end.

p/s: but it won't hurt if you see the way I do

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raya kini

I know am 5 days late but Syawal sebulan so

I'm spending time with my family. As usual. To me first week of raya means family time ! :) Sedih sebenarnye. Ramadhan dah habis. Entah kenapa this year's Ramadhan is a lil closer to me than it usually does. Syawal dah tiba meaning 12 Sept is coming near. FINALLY. then semester is starting soon. bummer but yeah finally So saya nak wish

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
to all the readers :)
Much love

ps: this year Syawal brings me so many smiles yet I kept seeing ur smile :)