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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Words here are not meant for lies.

You can say my blog is boring cause I have no gossips nor updates.
You can say my blog is dead. It has nothing.
Well I can say its filled with words. Words that comes from my thoughts
Words that never lies unless I made it so
but with me. Lies are deceiving. I hate lies.
So my words are my truth.
My words may not entertain you.
but might inspire others. one way or another.
I believe that.
Words are strong when you want them to be.
but a lie when u want it to lie.
Mine will stay the same, stay true.
Funny you say my blog is nothing but still come here to see any updates.
;) Thank you still.
and to some out there who reads my blog.
Many gratitude from me.
I wish to inspire more.

p/s: Truth stay still.

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