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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trying to FIT IN or BE THE IN?

A topic from UNICEF Malaysia caught my eyes. 
Immediately reminds me of my high school moments to which I was taken back to my adolescent years.
Yeap sounds as if I'm old enough to say that but honestly am 21. 
Am an adult (yes I do accept the fact that I am old). My adolescent years will be my high school years. 

I saw the link where UNICEF Malaysia, wants us to reach out to the adolescence out there in order to create an awareness of what is actually going on. In other words, the reality to which teenagers this days are force to face in their everyday life without actually realizing that this can affect their future. What sort of problems am I talking about? 

#Peer pressure
#Acts of violence - Be it either physchological, emotional, or sexual
#Sexual orientation
#Drug or Alcohol abuse
(This is some of the examples that I took from UNICEF Malaysia stating about the problems that teenagers these days are facing)

on my side of the story. Throughout me growing up, I see the problems of where my friends (mostly) are under the problems of peer pressure and depression. I kept observing them even without me saying a word. When I talk about peer pressure. Its referring to them trying to fit in

You know that how in this modern days, don't lie to me when I ask you this
Blackberry and Iphones are cool right? If you answer no, then it's a lie. Even I said its cool. 

But tell me. What is so cool about this that to you, it's a MUST HAVE gadget, even though, you cannot afford it? Seriously, if you can't don't go have it. But teenagers at the age of 15 years old, owns a Blackberry. 
I started to own a handphone when I was 16! no kidding. 
I saw some of my friends who went through the hunger for a month or two. JUST BECAUSE. yes  I caps lock that intentionally, he spent his allowance for university JUST to buy a Blackberry. So that he can be the next 'cool' person that owns Blackberry. 

Please. You are suffering yourself. Just because of a thing that does not give you back an advantage 
(unless being popular gives you money) Well reality check no. It becomes a concern matter to me not even to adolescence but mainly the youth now. Imagine this, if my friends whom at the age of 19 and 20 years old who have this kind of peer pressure problem of trying to fit in. You think that adolescents might have this kind of problems? I say YES.

I remember back during my high school years, before Blackberry, iPhone or Facebook existed or become the cool thing. Holding big cash and owning high class Roxy or Quicksilver backpacks are called the cool things. Wearing high branded things, can lead you to be the next popular or cool people in school. When I went back to my high school, coming back as a senior, I know some juniors of mine, whom I still keep in contact. Hearing their conversation, of how they love having a blackberry is cool, being thin is cool, wanting to dye hair is cool. I went beserk! I kept silence and then I asked them

"Why the troublee of all this? What benefits can this bring to you guys?" they don't need a lot of words for that questions
"Sebab cool? (cause its cool?)"

That was their solid answer. And I tell you. Seeing their news feeds (my school juniors) and my brothers' (whom are in their high school years at the present time) friends, they were screaming at their facebook status 

"EEEEEE cool Gila iPhone!"
"Uuuuu da pakai Ipad. hebat lah! Aku nak gak!"
"Weh cool gila kau. Nak bbm?"
'(Facebook status.....) 16 minutes ago via Blackberry/iPad/iPhone/iPod" 

The moment I saw that I was screaming

"EH APA NIE! 14 years old nak blackberry!? Are u freaking kidding me? My dad used that for business! What sort of business 14 years old do??"

And don't tell me, this peer pressure stops at high school. Like I said before, being in my undergraduate years right now, THIS problems still exists. Please guys. Hear this. 

Being cool, or trying to be acknowledge, is not by burning your money and going through hardships that you yourself don't want to go through (berlapar, puasalah apa lah) just to own a cool gadget and so that people can see you as the cool guys. It's not cool. N0T! cool when You! are the one who will be paying all the bills and credits for your BBM services. Unless you are a rich man's daughter or son then like Malays say "Suka hati kau lah" or other words, thats your problem. But if you know you can't afford. Act and think like you can't afford. 

You are asking me what sort of troubles that THEY will go through
here lemme list some
1. You misuse the money you have for things that are just wasting time
2. You are troubling yourself and your parents
3. You alienate yourself from society (don't LIE its the truth)
4. You are trying to hard to fit in till this small matter will be an issue to you when you start to realize that you cant cope up with your cool friends because you cant afford
5. When you hang around your cool friends, that feelings last only for a while, because honestly you still feel you are not apart of them
6. It might not happen now, but trying to be that IN thing when you cant afford it, in the future you get used to be that way, till, you have cool things, latest things, BUT your own electrical bill, phone bills PUN tak mampu nak bayar (can't even afford to pay that) This is a true story. I kid you not.
7. You might even start stealing. Desperately need money. This is true story too. Might not happen to you. But might happen to others.

It might not affect you now. But it will affect the way you think, and how you deal with your life in the future. I saw this happened to an adult now how trying so hard to fit in with his rich friends last time. He's suffering to be the cool one when honestly, he cant even afford to support his life and his phone bills.

You guys can do more with life. Those things bring you momentary happiness. Don't waste it. You are still young! You can do so much more! sports, adventure, having fun, meet new people who thinks you are cool because you are you and not because of your gadgets!

one day you will get those kind of things. Don't ask your parents like its buying ice cream. They need to pay something else too. And I want to reach out to the teenagers out there. Fitting in with 'friends' who think you are cool. Those are not true friends. They will leave you sooner or later. Find true friends that can help you. Find real friends that can hold you when you need support, help you when you fall, and cheer with you when you succeed. That, is one thing worth trying. Now that is what I call cool. ;)

So to teenagers out there, and even to my friends. This message goes out to everyone.
Dudes. Gadgets are gadgets. 
They get lame at one point.
Life? That is worth experience
Stop being a zombie with blackberry, iPhones and twitter k guys ? ;)

p/s: This is one long post. Plus my topic maybe has no direct point to what UNICEF said. but I acknowledge this as a social problem in my opinion. It's considered peer pressure when teens are trying very hard to fit in.

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