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Monday, August 15, 2011

This here is me

I think I should update about myself :) Been long since I did that huh?

# It's August! and Ramadhan. am fasting :) alhamdullilah. for now I'm healthy just that I'm down with a fever not so bad but am recovering. At least I don't have food poisoning like last year *Touch wood* no more hospital please*

# Since July I've been on holidays. yes 2 months. To be honest. Holidays that are too long is just. super boring. I worked in July for a week for an event. Before that. I went to a backpacking trip (first trip alone ever!) with my schoolmate, Aneth to Singapore. Indeed July filled my life :) with new experience and am blessed alhamdullilah.

# This Ramadhan and soon to come Syawal will be the first time our family gonna go through without my grandparents presence. It feels empty. We kept on reminiscing small things from their favourite food for berbuka and what will they say. First time. It's kinda lost. But they are at  a better place. I still miss them. Whichever year it is.

# Will be starting semester on 12th Sept. with 19 credit hours = 8 subjects. Yes you read it right. Eight. 8. Haih. It's heavy I know. But there's no easy way. I guess just go through with it. Nothing comes easy :)

# I am dreading September. My best friend is leaving me to further her studies in London. :( I feel sad. I've been with her since 13. that is like 8 years. Every year we will go out together without fail. Numerous time. I will miss her craziness. Fawn Kay Lim. I don't wanna say goodbye to you yet :(

# I'm torn between grasping my happiness and someone's else. I need to put myself first before others. I wish I can grasp my own happiness and not grasp someone's happiness and forgot to make myself happy. I've been doing that for years. God. Please make me happy. I pray for my happiness now. Not anyone else. I want to love myself and the person I wish to. Not forcing myself to love more than I can. Please hear me this once. I want my happiness.

okay enough for now.
i cant sleep. my body doesnt understand that am sick. Haih.
anyway. Happy Ramadhan everyone!

p/s: always always, make yourself happy and love yourself first.

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