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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pre-Ramadhan's blessings

It's Ramadhan ! :)
So first of all I wish to my muslim brothers and sisters.
Happy fasting and have a blessed ramadhan :)

So wassup? 
Nothin much here. I've been away for a week. Was working with wcmsb 11'. So now am back to bumming till Sept 14th. So yeah. That is like a month. But oh well. I need inspirations to blog about. ERM.... lemme think. 
I think later la ya? For now all I wanna say is. I love working w the people in wcmsb 11'. I learn a lot of things. I even discovered that I can do more that what I usually can. Turns out. I am capable of handling people, things, schedule and problems. :) Am proud of myself. And really God has help me along the way. alhamdullilah. I met new people and made new friends! The best part is. We get to share the fun moments :) Truly awesome! so here I am saying. 

When you think you're not special or not capable of doing things, think again, because you might even surprise yourself :) 

I need some inspiration and I need to search for it. Later guys! :)

p/s: I wish you were there with me :(

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