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Sunday, August 21, 2011

'Trust in me, trust in me'

Last night you came
Looking at me 
From afar
Step by step you came nearer
But you distance yourself when you see me 
with the pasts
The first bid me goodbye
to have a happy ever after
The second came
telling me run after you
I turn to look
there you are
looking at me and making a move
I ran past the storm
I fell, but I stand up
then I called your name
You turned.
I spilled the words 
you hold me
you hold my hands
and you said you know
you know
you're waiting for me all this while
you smiled the sweetest smile
you told me 
'i'll be right beside you
no matter what'
and you told me
'just pray love. pray for us'
I cried and you wipe my tears away and hug me.
I opened my eyes to see you but all I see is me
holding the air.
Hugging nothing.
I woke up and searched
searched for something even I'm not sure
I lie back down
closing my eyes
this time. 
my tears are spent on the last pretense
And my tired eyes refuse to close and sleep in my defense.

p/s: my dreams are lying. please stop soothing this broken heart

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